Income Verification, Simplified

RightIncome™ ensures your resident applicants have the resources to meet your property’s requirements to pay rent.

Applicants use a simple online app to link you to their bank accounts and and digital wallets.

You get a summary report from First Advantage, including an easy-to-read breakdown of the applicant’s net income.

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An Easy-to-use Mobile Experience for Your Applicants

Applicants use a straightforward, mobile workflow to upload bank accounts and provide explanations for their ongoing deposits, giving property managers verifiable transparency of their recurring income. Applicants simply connect, confirm, and share!




Control Your Costs. Mitigate Income Fraud.

Resident income fraud is unfortunately a common occurrence that can inflate your costs. RightIncome replaces the manual processes that can otherwise expose properties to millions in unnecessary costs.


Eviction Filings / Year
(or 1 in 20 rentals)

1 in 3

Evictions Include Some Sort of Fraud**


Average Cost of Eviction

Decrease Applicant Response Times and Vacancy Losses

  • Seamless integrations with leading PMS (Property Management Systems)
  • Income verification through verified digital sources – no more paystubs!
  • Support for traditional income sources as well as non-traditional sources, like digital wallets
  • Reduce administrative burden with real-time, standardized reports