Mobile Identity Fraud Detection

RightID™ flags potential inconsistencies in an applicant’s actual versus claimed identity. It uses government issued IDs and selfies to help reduce identity fraud.

ID Scan

An applicant scans a government issued ID

Applicant Selfie

Then takes a quick selfie to authenticate the ID

Identity Questions

and confirms their identity with knowledge-based questions

A Modern Applicant Experience With Quick Results

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Inspecting Physical IDs Just Doesn’t Cut It

Identity fraud in the rental housing industry is growing in part by dramatic increases in online applications. Property owners and managers need a more efficient and secure way to review and authenticate an applicant’s documentation.

Of Evictions

stem from fraud, and with the average number of days to evict being 90 – 150 days, evictions can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Of Management Companies

have difficulties identifying and preventing fraud due to time constraints, and lack of training on the ever-changing sophistication of bad actor methods1.

1 Forrester Consulting Study 2018: Misunderstanding and Inconsistency: The State of Fraud in the Rental Housing Industry

Approve Rental Applications with Confidence

RightID™ from First Advantage offers you the same innovative technology that has been protecting some of the world’s prominent global brands for decades. It is a proven process for mitigating the risk of fraudulent applications.