International Resident Screening

Access International credit reports and screen new-to-country resident applications that lack U.S. credit history in real-time with Credit Passport®.

U.S. equivalent data

First Advantage has partnered with Nova Credit, the premier cross-border credit bureau, to provide access to international credit reports.

Through integrations with the leading bureaus around the world, Nova’s Credit Passport® unlocks foreign credit data, enabling property managers to screen new-to-country resident applicants in real-time.

Immigrants represent the fastest growing U.S. consumer segment

With ~2M new arrivals per year and 46M immigrants in the U.S. today, enabling new-to-country consumers to transfer their credit history and access housing is a must-have for property managers. By serving this segment, property managers are able to differentiate their offering and grow their customer base.

Using international credit reports enables:

  1. Higher occupancy rates: Convert applicants seamlessly and maximize NOI
  2. Lower operational costs: Skip the manual review of disparate, non U.S. documents
  3. Superior risk management: Manage risk across your portfolio with robust screening
  4. Ease of use: Multi-language translation to English with same criteria as U.S. applicants

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