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Say hello to your new, upgraded screening platform

Our new Enterprise Advantage platform gives your organisation access to great new features. And if you’re reading this you’re being upgraded for free..

What's New?

Mobile Enabled

Candidates can complete their application form on their phone or tablet any time, any where.

Even Smarter

Profile Advantage automatically begins checks, and identifies required documents.

New Interface

Both our candidate and client portal have been upgraded to be more user-friendly.

Easier Compliance

Our compliance engine that manages what data is collected from your candidates

Over 91% of candidates complete their application in the same day

30% reduction in the time for candidates to complete application

Brand New, Mobile Candidate Experience

New Employer Interface


To make sure that your upgrade goes smoothly we’re running a series of training sessions to walk you through your new system. They’ll be interactive so you can ask questions. 

Can’t make it? Don’t worry – we’ll upload a recording of the training once it’s finished. 

Can’t make one of these training sessions? Please email us.

Getting Stated with EA

An introduction to Enterprise Advantage

Training will take place every Thursday at 2pm (BST)/3pm (CET). Once it’s time for the training session to begin please click Online Meeting link


We’re rolling out the update over the next few weeks. We’ll be in touch to confirm your switch-over dates. 

Your Enterprise Advantage upgrade is completely free

You’ll have access to a learning portal with video guides, and regular webinars.

Nothing, your system will be completely migrated across to the new system, and we’ll offer full training support.

Please contact our Customer Care team on: +1

We expect most clients won’t notice a change in the way their services work, we’ve listed below the main areas where we anticipate our clients to have questions:

Customer Care Contact

As part of the system change you’ll receive a new telephone number and email address to contact our Customer Care team. This team are available 24 hours a day, five days a week to answer your queries.

Background Report

You’ll be able to view and download a report showing the current status of a candidate’s searches at any stage of the screening process. This report will act as a ‘one stop shop’ to show you what results have been provided as part of the candidate’s screening as well track any actions we have taken to provide you with a completed report.