Franchises leverage their group purchasing power to save more than 25% on background checks.

Find out what discount your franchisor has secured.

Franchise Background Checks

Save yourself the headaches and time-consuming tasks of manual background checks while taking advantage of your franchisor’s reduced pricing. Build an outstanding franchise workforce with reliable and affordable background checks for franchises.

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Speed Up Franchise Employee Hiring

Industry-leading turnaround times – with results in as little as a day – move applicants through the background check process and speed up hiring. Applicants complete their information and provide digital signatures – all in just a few taps.

Smart Screening Solutions

First Advantage continually invests in the latest technologies and the most advanced security standards. Streamline background checks using some of the smartest, most advanced tech in the market to reduce background screening time.

Modern & Mobile Workflows

Mobilized workflows for your candidates, and reliable, FCRA-compliant screening combine to keep you productive while helping you maintain regulatory requirements.

Franchisee Background Checks Couldn’t Be Easier

  1. Register your business at the brand’s portal
  2. Access online candidate screening reports
  3. Onboard with confidence

Lower Your Brand’s Risk

Minimize risk in a complex regulatory compliance landscape with a combination of technology and franchise industry know-how. First Advantage complies with global, federal, state, and local hiring regulations.

Experience You Can Trust

Applying a background check that aligns with your corporate franchise standards goes a long way to help protect your brand, its employees, and your guests. Get best-in-class screening services from an established partner with experience you can trust.

“Having access to the technology First Advantage offers provides us with a significantly better candidate experience and user experience.”

“First Advantage’s innovative technology has helped us hire faster and improve turnaround times.”

– Fortune 500 Organization

Reliable. Efficient. Secure.

Protect Your Bottom Line with Reduced Employee Turnover

Safeguard Your Reputation when you Onboard Qualified Talent

Engage Seamless Screening Processes that Keep You Productive

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Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, FranchiseCheck is mobile-enabled for a streamlined candidate experience. Franchises leverage automated the workflows to ramp up quicker, and continuous monitoring for full coverage.

A web portal is created by First Advantage, configured for Franchisors. Franchisees access the site when requesting applicant background checks. Applicants are invited to provide their information via a link, and the mobile applicant interface makes the experience effortless for candidates.

FranchiseCheck helps businesses proactively manage and mitigate the potential for reputational and financial damages associated with employee-based risks.  Franchisees make informed decisions based on established screening practices while FranchiseCheck delivers quick turnaround times and requires little management involvement.

Franchisees get started in just a few minutes by accessing the designated site and registering online—no messy contracts, no lengthy setup processes. 

The number of companies enrolling grows every day. Contact us to find out if yours is one of them.