Is your Form I-9 house in order?

April 30, 2018

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Now is the best time to prepare for a possible Notice of Inspection

As worksite enforcement and Form I-9 audits continue to expand nationwide, employers must plan for the possibility of receiving a Notice of Inspection (NOI) from the Department of Homeland Security. This notice compels employer to produce their employment eligibility verification forms (Forms I-9) and other related documents for inspection within three business days, or 72 hours. Here’s some recent stories in the news:

  • In California, the Department of Homeland Security targeted 77 companies
  • Late last year, Asplundh Tree Experts was hit with a record $95 million settlement for the unlawful employment of individuals.
  • In January ICE agents raided 100 7-Eleven stores as part of an effort to ensure a legal workforce.

In addition, the Trump administration recently released its Immigration Principles & Policies which, notably for employers, features an expansion of the electronic employment eligibility verification program—E-Verify.

Employers should consider an internal audit of their Forms I-9 to review not only that their paperwork is in order but also that their practices are compliant and conform with legal requirements.

As an extension of our employment screening services, First Advantage offers partnered solutions to assist employers in complying with required I-9 processes and responding to NOIs. We also offer solutions to convert manual, paper-based I-9 processes into a streamlined, electronic I-9 process that supports easier internal auditing and fast, comprehensive compliance with NOIs.

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