Scrole Group Limited partners with First Advantage in Australia to provide screenings for international school employees

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Schrole Secures Global Opportunity Through Launch of Schrole Verify and Partnership With First Advantage


  • Schrole has launched Schrole Verify, a new product that enables international schools and teachers to easily conduct employee background checks
  • Schrole has signed a binding term sheet with First Advantage, a leading provider of background screening solutions, who will conduct all background checks for Schrole Verify
  • Schrole Verify sales expected to commence in first quarter 2018 with fees charged for each background check undertaken
  • Background checking of school employees is a critical issue facing all international schools
  • Schrole Verify and the partnership with First Advantage provides Schrole with a significant global opportunity and potential revenue stream


Wednesday, 29 November 2017: Australian education and technology company Schrole Group
Limited (ASX:SCL) (“Schrole”, “the Company”)
 is pleased to announce the launch of Schrole Verify
and the formation of a partnership with First Advantage.


The need to conduct background checking of international school employees is a critical issue facing
international schools. The International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP) was formed in 2014
to address the problems around child protection in international schools. Their recommendations include a series of screening and assessment practices for international school recruitment. These require schools to comprehensively check the credentials, criminal records, internet history, and to conduct a review of sex offender registries for all candidates who are recruited into schools.


Schrole Verify

Will provide a comprehensive solution to these recommendations. The website will provide an easily accessible system to undertake all the checks recommended by the ITFCP. The solution will be offered to schools and teaching candidates, and fees will be charged for each check ordered. Schrole Verify will link seamlessly into Schrole Connect, so existing Connect client schools will be able to order checks from within the system.


First Advantage

Schrole has signed a binding term sheet with First Advantage, a leading provider of background screening solutions headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Under the proposed agreement, First Advantage will undertake all background screening checks for the Schrole Verify product.

The Schrole Verify background screening package is being developed in partnership with First Advantage and addresses the unique requirements of the International School and education sectors.


Global Opportunity

Under the proposed agreement, First Advantage will appoint Schrole as exclusive agent for the marketing and sale of background screening services to schools and school candidates in the Asia Pacific region, with preferential rights for the rest of the world. First Advantage shall be responsible for undertaking the relevant screening services and checks. The binding term sheet is conditional upon the parties entering into a formal agreement based on the term sheet on or before 31 December 2017 (unless otherwise agreed).


Schrole Managing Director Rob Graham:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Schrole Verify and the partnership with First Advantage. Child protection is one of the most critical issues facing international schools. Schools have been asked to implement background checking as part of their recruiting process, and to date there has been no simple way to undertake the required checks. Schrole Verify will make it easy for schools and candidates to order these checks. First Advantage has a global presence and a highly scalable technological solution and can conduct these checks efficiently and effectively. We are excited to be the first company in international schools offering such a total global solution to this critical issue.”


Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific at First Advantage, Erik Schmit:

“We are delighted to partner with Schrole Group to provide an essential service to the educational sector to help them meet their child protection requirements. We strive to deliver innovative solutions and insights that help our clients manage risk and hire the best talent, and this is emblematic of that approach.”

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About Schrole Group Ltd

Schrole is an Australian educational technology company providing schools worldwide with innovative talent management solutions and consulting services to address staffing and recruitment challenges.

Schrole is run by and for education professionals. Founded and managed by former principal Rob Graham, Schrole is passionate about helping schools secure the best teachers and save time on administrative processes, so they can focus on the important job of teaching the next generation. Schrole’s innovative solutions are currently being used by over 220 international and domestic schools in more than 37 countries worldwide.

Schrole has three business units: Schrole Connect, an online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for efficient and effective recruitment of international school teachers; Schrole Cover, a cloud-based SaaS platform for the fast filling of casual staffing positions; and Schrole Develop, a training and consulting organisation that provides Australian-accredited leadership training and strategic consulting services to schools.


About First Advantage

First Advantage provides comprehensive background screening, identity and information solutions that give employers and housing providers access to actionable information that results in faster, more accurate people decisions. With an advanced global technology platform and superior customer service delivered by experts who understand local markets, First Advantage helps customers around the world build fully scalable, configurable screening programs that meet their unique needs. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, First Advantage has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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