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The Changing Landscape of Screening in EMEA

Our latest report reveals what companies in the UK, Europe, the
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As the trusted partner of over 45,000 organizations worldwide, we at First Advantage provide easy-to-understand background screening results so you can confidently make decisions about prospective employees, vendors and renters. Not only does this safeguard your brand, but you also arrive at dramatically better background insights – insights you can rely on.

It’s time to partner with First Advantage. Now in 25 locations, 12 countries and conducting over 23 million international background screens annually. We are your First Advantage.


Webinar: It's a Crime!

You are not alone.

A 2014 First Advantage survey found almost 40% of those who order criminal background checks are unsure about the process. Watch our webinar to solve the mysteries around criminal record checks best practices. Click here to view now.


Renewed Calls for Finalization of EU Data Protection Regulation by 2015
For the past several years, the European Union's attempts at passing the Data Protection Regulation have fluctuated. However, pressure to pass the reform by 2015 have intensified following a joint declaration by elected representatives from 16 member states.  Read more...
Jersey Implements First Discrimination Law
Effective September 1, 2014, Jersey has implemented the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013. The first instance of the Law only includes race as a protected characteristic. In the employment context, employers are prohibited from committing acts of discrimination during various stages of employment. Read more...
The changing landscape of CV screening in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Pre-employment screening has changed significantly in EMEA over recent years. Performing background checks on contingent workers is now far more common place, companies in more and more sectors are realising the importance of properly vetting their staff, and many existing clients are changing how they define 'major' and 'minor' discrepancies. Whilst there's no shortage of anec... Read more...

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