The Changing Landscape of Screening in EMEA

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The changing landscape of CV screening in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Pre-employment screening has changed significantly in EMEA over recent years. Performing background checks on contingent workers is now far more common place, companies in more and more sectors are realising the importance of properly vetting their staff, and many existing clients are changing how they define 'major' and 'minor' discrepancies. Whilst there's no shortage of anec... Read more...
Future Rulemakine Expected for Federal Employee and U.S. Department of Transportation Workplace Testing Programs
The  activities of the Drug Testing Advisory Board (DTAB) are very significant and merit careful, ongoing, monitoring. The work of the DTAB will likely impact the future landscape and scope of workplace drug testing programs, federal, DOT, and non-mandated/Non-DOT Drug Free Workplace Testing Programs within the next two to three years. This blog will update you on the ... Read more...
Newly Effective Ireland Data Protection Act Provisions
As announced by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, two Statutory Instruments were signed by the Minister for Justice and Equality bringing previously inactive provisions of the Data Protection Act 1988 into effect. Read more...
Alert: 22 States with Medical Marijuana Laws
There has been a great deal of publicity on the authorized use of medical marijuana over the last ten years. State laws, implementing regulations, city ordinances and case law decisions may have changed the way your workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy should read or you may need to consider addressing this issue in your policy. Legal authority is also constantly changing ... Read more...
DHS Form I-9: Best Practice Information for Employer Form I-9 Compliance
Most employers are aware I-9 mistakes can be very costly, not to mention that many I-9 mistakes can oftentimes be minor blunders, in other words, the paperwork equivalent to failing to dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s.  Employers continue to face DHS/ICE Form I-9 penalties for failing to comply with Form I-9 obligations.  It is very important ... Read more...

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